Roof tile

We are a trusted company in Roof Tiles industry engaging almost thousands of clients each year . We are supplier of Roof Tiles located in Saudi Arabia and its more products like . We are always available with quality-assured products.


•Weatherproof :Bugshan Steel  provides a reliable barrier against extremely harsh weather. Its superior features significantly reduce the threat of roof damage and collapse.
•Fire resistant : Our roof tiles  provides your family with protection against fire as it is made of non combustible material that will never burn.
•Lightweight : It weighs only 1/6 of a concrete tile roof. It allows you to install less support structure to the roof. No other can offer more value and safety at this light weight.
•Eco friendly : Our roof tiles  requires little to no lifetime maintenance. And its outstanding durability can virtually eliminate the need to use future raw materials.
•Aesthetic : Our roof tiles is fit for all kinds of properties with its charming appearance. From traditional terracotta to earth tone, a wide variety of colors is available. It will help you maximize your property’s visual appeal.