checkred sheets

Composite Deck sheet is a steel profile with ribs, embossments which helps in binding with concrete slab and together forms a part of the floor structure. This interlocking between the concrete and the floor deck creates a reinforced concrete slab that serves the dual purpose of permanent shuttering and reinforcement.

Composite deck floors’ or ‘composite slabs’ provide an effective and economical floor slab in a range of building types. They comprise profiled steel decking, in situ-concrete and mesh  reinforcement. The steel decking acts as a permanent formwork to the concrete during construction and then acts compositely with the concrete to produce a strong and stiff long span  floor. Temporary propping is not required in most applications.

 Steel decking is normally galvanized with a standard G275 coating. The galvanized layer is not damaged during forming and provides suitable protection and durability for applications not  subject to direct weathering, or in moderate exposure conditions. We offer special corrosion resistant ‘it has life of more than 3-4 times  then galvanized coating.

 Where the decking is used in exposed or damp conditions, additional measures should be provided to prevent corrosion, or the decking should be considered as permanent formwork  only.